Meeting people at the point of their need is at the center of what we do.
Today's Dream Tomorrow's Future-which evolved from a 100% volunteer, grassroots coalition of concerned citizens, businesses and community stakeholders in 2009 to a non-profit, community development and social service organization that became a driving force within Maryland resulting in community requests to expand services. Our focus is on being aware of and responsive to the needs of residents without prejudice. With compassion and understanding we identify a myriad of social, economic, and environmental forces impacting daily life for our clients and tailor services to address those factors.

Everyone deserves an opportunity to reach their full potential.
Everything on this Earth has a unique purpose. We provide the tools and resources to develop within the individual, the capacity to lead fulfilling lives. Whether it's tutoring a father of three to obtain a GED, providing scholarships for first generation college bound students, or helping a grandparent raising grandchildren pay an unexpected bill, we strive to propel families toward economic stability.

Every human connection is viewed with the possibility to positively touch, shape, and change a life.
With our words and actions, we have the ability, to be uplifting, encouraging, and help people face challenges optimistically. We operate from a place of care and kindness and provide an environment where people do not feel embarrassed or ashamed to want, need, or qualify for assistance. The feeling we leave our clients with is it was a pleasure to be of service to them, and each one of us on this planet needs help with something. The act of giving is transformative, which is why we love our jobs because we get to give of ourselves, every day!
Robb Jackson


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